Jumaat, 26 Jun 2009

namaku ~ tag dari emma songal..hehe

That's My Name

A: loves to laugh
B: crazy at times
C: cute
D: smart
E: has beautiful eyes
F: wild and crazy
G: sexy
H: gives good hugs
I: very hot
J: likes someone
K: is very athletic
L: very good kisser
M: easy to fall in love with
N: very trustworthy
O: has the best personality ever.
P: popular with all types of people
Q: has a smile to die for
R: will make a good boyfriend or girlfriend
S: likes someone
T: very opened minded
U: is loved by everyone
V: not judgmental
W: very sexy
X: never lets people tell you what to do
Y: nice butt!
Z: makes dating fun

saya punya ;

N = very trustworthy?
O = has the best personality ever? (Xpenah perasan ape ID aku)
R = will make a good boyfriend or girlfriend

A = loves to laugh (sape suke nangis)
I = very hot = Saya tak hot...
N = very trustworthy

S = likes someone
H = gives good hugs (suka pelok lama2..haha)
A = loves to laugh
H = gives good hugs
A = loves to laugh
J = likes someone
A = loves to laugh
R = will make a good boyfriend or girlfriend

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